Silver’s diary


Make e no be lyk say person rude…Dear diary o, my name is Silver and I’m your new owner. I am fair in complexion and of average height (in some ppl’s eyes l am tall and short in oda ppl’s eyes). I like to dy chop only wen hunger hook me wella and my best colour na…ah-ah, na essay l dy write? Mtscheww!
Anyway,to you I can be male or female, depending on my mood. As well I can write in you with FLUENT ENGLISH or with our very own PIDGIN ENGLISH, according to mood and how matter take pain me.
Gbam! Na me be dt in summary o! We go dy sabi ourself beta as each write enter.
Diary, mind you, all conversations are strictly between U and I. If another person wants to eavesdrop on our chat- no gree open o!
I don do introduction now. Abeg I wan go piss…..

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  1. Phoyin martins
    Sep 09, 2013 @ 10:52:45

    i for say make i comment nw,buh silver fit dey call person approko *shines teeth*……nice intro tho



  2. tobiju
    Sep 09, 2013 @ 17:12:04

    dis 1s can write 4 africa!! Kilode??? Combination pigin + engglish…ofcourse 2 diff language…i knw she made it sound as if dey were same language…simply cos she’s goooooooood!!!!
    I wanna read more. No1 fan!!



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