Confessions of a dead man 2



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Okay okay, I know that you must be eager by now to hear all those wicked things I said I had done and even the so wicked thing I know this letter will do.

You have to pardon me though for taking so much of your time. I know there are so many other things that you would have otherwise been doing. I just wanted to be sure that I had your attention fully before I got down to business.

So, now that it seems you are alert and eager to read my deeds, I shall proceed.

My name is Jay and I was twenty-two at the time of this confession. My best colour was white (when I was little) then it changed to red; because of my profession. I had an elder brother- he was the genius in the family, the one who loved school, home works, the one who got excellent grades, the one who was a standard for me (according to my parents).

It all started in my primary school; the sixth school in two years. You see, my parents first thought I was unintelligent because of the schools’ inability to handle me, so they changed my school as often as they would. But they later realised that I was a sorry case. School was just not my thing; we didn’t just agree. So in that my sixth school I usually sat beside a girl- Flora- she was scrawny looking ( she was from a poor home) and always stayed in the classroom during break, reading one book or the other. After I had stayed in the school for about a month, I decided to share my money with her since I had more than I needed. Then one day I realised I was cheating myself- how could I give and not receive in return? I decided then that she would allow me copy the answers to our home work from her. She agreed and we were both happy. My parents did not change my school again because I was doing better (thanks to their money and to Flora).
So in Primary six it suddenly dawned on me that I wanted more- more than copying from her home works, class works and tests. I wanted more.
When we resumed, Flora came back with small mounds of breasts on her chest, I had wanted to touch them; just to know how it felt. I had seen my mum and dad do some funny things to each other several times and I used to see romantic scenes in movies (my parents actually never told me to close my eyes at times like that- they thought I was too dumb to understand). I might have failed tests and exams but I had a very sharp mind that detected and had interest for bad things. This was how I knew- if it was bad I fell in love with it and understood it, but if it was good I never got to understand or like it.

That was how I confronted Flora and told her about the new development; I wanted to touch her breasts in exchange for my money. No more copying.

She refused.

I stopped sharing my money with her.

But after a week she came to me and agreed to my terms. When I eventually touched the breasts, it was a good feel, but I did not like it. She just stood there like a rock, eyes looking at the toilet ceiling. But I was not going to change my mind and go back to copying, I was having fun been able to control Flora.

We continued everyday at break until one day when my father came home and decided that the school was already getting bad, since I was scoring poorly once again. So he changed my school during the first week of the second term in Primary six.

I was so mad at him. Just when I had a ground in the school and so many ideas were pullulating in my head for Flora and I- I was already getting tired of the touching-breast-through-uniform routine. I wanted more because I had increased the amount I gave her at break. Then the old man decided to change school for me! 

It was that anger that I carried with me into the new school which was more expensive and filled with spoiled kids. In that my new school I discovered myself, discovered my idiosyncrasies. And that propelled me into my future.

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  1. Habeeb
    Nov 15, 2013 @ 23:48:19

    That can’t be d end…….can it?…….btw,I didn’t know ‘breasts’ were termed as ‘mounds’………….”Mounds of breast’



  2. phoyinmartins
    Nov 17, 2013 @ 21:09:00

    I see Flora’s incarnate everywhere…… ladies n money tho!! And as for jay, well i *comment my reserve*



  3. ddammii
    Nov 18, 2013 @ 12:15:46

    Oh thank you much much Uche. I’m glad you enjoy them. Keep reading.



  4. tobiju
    Jan 13, 2014 @ 23:36:39




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