Tale of a fellow 7

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And to our fellow…






The family Izy was working with comprised of the father, mother and four children- three boys and a girl. They all loved Izy: the boys even gave him clothes regularly. And when it came to food, Izy was served on time, with permission to request for more from the cook if he was not satisfied. Everything was going on well for Izy and he made sure not to misuse the privilege he had.

So far, Izy had learnt that his boss had two brothers- the younger was married while the older was not. And his boss’ wife was an only child.

One Sunday, there was a loud knock on the gate at about noon. Izy came out of his little apartment just by the gate and asked who it was. The reply was another hard knock. Izy checked through a small hole in the gate but could not see anyone- they were apparently hiding.

“Who is there?” he asked again.

“Open this gate now,” came the harsh reply from a male voice.

Izy had to be careful, so he asked, “Please who do you want to see?”

“Your oga!”

Then the man started shouting for the gate to be opened.

Mr. Fred- Izy’s boss- came out of the house hurriedly and walked to the gate without any word to Izy as he unlocked the gate and opened it.

A tall dark man walked in as if he owned the place. He looked Mr Fred over once then diverted his look to the boy who refused to open the gate for him.

“You have employed another one so soon? I don’t like this one either. Did you not tell him that I was coming and he had to have the gate opened at the first knock?”

Izy was confused. No one told him anything of sort.

Mr. Fred smiled and answered, “Brother, it is not his fault. I didn’t tell him because he does not know you and could have opened the gate to someone else, thinking it was you. God forbid evil.”

The visitor just walked towards the house, saying nothing.

Mr. Fred tapped Izy on the shoulder. “That’s my elder brother. He is a little difficult to relate with but I can assure you he is not all that bad.”

Izy sighed and nodded in response.

“My younger brother is also coming. We want to have a little brothers’ meeting. Don’t worry ,he is not as difficult as ‘Uncle’ over there.”

After his boss went into the house, Izy began to think that there was something so familiar about ‘Uncle’ though he couldn’t place it; so he just forgot about it

Almost an hour later there was a honk outside the gate and Izy already guessed who it was. He opened the gate wide so the red car could come in. as the car passed by him, he smiled to greet the driver of the car.

“Good aftern-“ he stopped, shocked.

In the car sat Iya Zacchaeus’ husband. The man recognised him too because he stopped the car immediately and frowned. After parking the car he went straight inside shouting about how his brother could employ such homeless rogue who had the effrontery to destroy their New Year party.

Inside the house Iya Zacchaeus’ husband ranted about how Izy was the one who destroyed the New Year party that Mr Fred and his family could not attend. He therefore needed that the boy be sent away.

‘Uncle’, who was at the New Year party, but did not see Izy there, also concurred to sending the boy away. They did not like him, so he had to go.

Mr Fred however said he liked the boy and their reasons were not good enough be so cruel. Moreover, his children and wife liked him too- the kids never liked the former gate keepers.


Later in the evening


Izy was sitting on a blue chair in front of his little apartment by the gate when ‘Uncle’ walked up to him with fury written all over his face, his fists were clenched too.

Izy stood up.

‘Uncle’ looked behind him to be sure there was no one else but the two of them. When he was sure they were alone he looked Izy in the eyes.

He did not shout as Izy expected. He merely whispered. “No wonder I hated you the minute I saw you. You this stupid boy!”

What had he done this time? Was there no peace in this world for him? What was this man talking about again? Izy was confused.

The man moved closer to the boy. “You riffraff! So you were the one that took the gold that I kept in that school.”


“My nephews just told me about some of your escapades- obviously the ones you told them; how the security men took my gold- the gold I almost got killed to acquire.”

Right then, Mr Fred and his younger brother walked out of the house talking and laughing loudly. Immediately, ‘Uncle’ straightened, turned to face his brothers and smiled.




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  1. tayo
    Nov 25, 2013 @ 14:30:48

    Izzy has gone far. Cool stories



  2. phoyinmartins
    Nov 25, 2013 @ 20:50:23

    This life is just beautiful…… abeg sliver nah true say people nah water ni??? The way this ones dey flow ehen *it chaotic* @habbeb knows better. Can wait for our next meeting



  3. emmy
    Nov 25, 2013 @ 22:53:35

    Dis Izy boy has sufferd ooo n here I was tinkin dis is it 4 him……God dey sha…….cool story girlfrnd, keep it up



  4. naitx
    Nov 27, 2013 @ 21:05:47

    I stay away from season films till all d episodes are complete….Dis suspense is ……



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