Tale of a fellow 8


Nothing I say now can even be good enough as a reason for this delay. But I am truly sorry for this again. Just find it in your hearts to forgive me. Thank you much.

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Back to Izy…

It had not been an easy ‘operation’ for ‘Uncle’ and his co- thief the day they went to steal the gold. They had been patronising some of those ‘mallams’ who traded money for gold and vice versa just so they would know which of them had the most gold jewelleries  in possession. And so after a few months they had two of the ‘mallams’ in mind whose shops they raided on a fateful Friday night. It happened though that the owner of the second shop they tried breaking in usually slept in there and since the type of lock on the door did not indicate if it was locked from within or without, they were almost nabbed. The ‘mallam’ inside his shop had quickly opened the window at the side of the shop and shouted “thief”.  The culprits had not expected that kind of response at that time of the night; when all the shops had closed for the day. But some men came out of nowhere with big knives and daggers in their hands as they started making all sort of noises.

It was only by chance that ‘Uncle’ and his partner were not caught that night.

They waited for two days before agreeing to bury the gold stolen from the first mallam’s shop somewhere while the heat of the theft died down. And because of Uncle’s distrust in his partner, he volunteered to bury the gold. They had both agreed on the place to put the gold and had come up with the school, since it was the least place anyone would suspect to look for something of that nature. They had planned to leave the gold buried there for at least two weeks before taking it out to share.

‘Uncle’ had gone to check after a week. The gold was gone. He had to summon up a lot of courage to tell his partner the sad news. Though they had a little argument, his partner eventually believed what ‘Uncle’ said and they both vowed to deal severely with whomever it was that had the guts to steal from them.

So now that ‘Uncle’ knew who stole their gold, he went straight to tell his partner after he left his brother’s house.

He was the least fortunate among his mother’s children. As the first child he was like the ‘experiment’ and this really turned out bad for him because he became very lazy due to the pampering and freedom he had to exercise his seniority rights over his younger ones without their resistance or face-to-face objections. This made him so lazy that he was always eventually sacked from any work he got. And because he liked a good life that came with ease; less stress and no suits, he found himself a partner and started robbing. None of his brothers knew what he was doing. They only knew he was a business man.

The next day- Monday

The car horn blared.

Izy woke up with a start. He was breathing very fast and sweating profusely from the bad dream he just had. Something had woken him up. Thanks to whatever it was though, he was just a second from been torn by a lion that had the scary face ‘Uncle’ had given him the previous day,

The car horn blared again.

Izy sprung on his feet and went out of his small room. It was his boss that was going to work. He quickly went to open the gate, rubbing off whatever was left of the sleep in his eyes.

As the driver drove the car past, Izy quickly greeted before the car zoomed off.

He went to his blue chair and cleaned it before sitting. Then he thought of what to do about ‘Uncle’. Was he to tell his boss about the matter- at least he had a witness in the vigilantes- that is if they would say the truth or even if they would still be working as vigilantes there. Also, it would be hard for Mr Fred to believe that his elder brother was a thief. No one would want to think that their sibling was a thief, let alone believe so because the boy at the gate said so.

Throughout the day Izy was confused on what to do. He even thought about running away, but that would only heighten suspicions and by the way he was done running. Here he had a good ‘everything’.

When it was only Izy left in the house; after the children had gone to school and their mother had gone to her shop, he decided to bring out his mat and take a nap. While he was still trying to adjust the mat on the floor, there was a knock on the gate.

“Stupid boy. Oya come and open this gate now. Your own have be today,” came the voice from the other side of the gate.

‘Uncle’. That was ‘Uncle’. And it seemed he had someone else with him, or he was just mumbling to himself.

“My oga is not around,” Izy said, trying not to sound scared.

The response was a loud hiss and continuous banging on  the gate. Izy waited a little more before deciding whether to open the gate or not. With the way the nise on the gate was reverberating, the cook was sure to come out of the house and that was exactly what he wanted. He did not want to be alone when he opened the gate. As soon as he thought, the cook came out. She was an elderly woman who had served as nanny for the children.

“Izy what is going on there? Who is at the gate?” she asked, walking towards the gate.

Izy opened the gate then to reveal ‘Uncle’ and another man standing close to each other. They both entered.

“Ah, Uncle it is you!” the cook said.

“Yes, as you can see. You can go on inside now. I want to talk to this boy here.”

The cook turned to leave. Izy’s hands were already sweating. ‘Uncle’ was smiling wickedly and the other man just stood there like a statue, looking at Izy with disgust.



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  1. phoyinmartins
    Dec 07, 2013 @ 19:19:33

    When a “less stress and no suits life” man comes looking for you……..eyaf truly be for you…Lol..



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