Tale of a fellow 9

Okay it’s not my fault o. If you are a Nigerian then you know whose fault it is- PHCN ni o. But I take part of the blame all the same. Sorry you did not get this yesterday.

Back to Izy…

“Where is our gold?” the man asked.

Izy looked at ‘Uncle’ then back at the man. “I already told Uncle that two…”

He was cut short by a slap on his face from the man.

Izy staggered backwards, more from the suddenness than from the intensity of the slap. His eyes watered but he refused to let the tears flow out, blinking rapidly several times. This was serious trouble for him; how was he to get himself out?

“Wetin you find go the school sef?” The man asked, ready to render him another slap. “Why you touch the gold?”

The tears welled up Izy’s eyes again but he fought it. “I am sorry. I shouldn’t have touched it. I just wanted to…”

He was interrupted again, this time by ‘Uncle’.

“Wanted to what? Enh? To see if it was something you could steal?”

Izy did not have an answer to the questions thrown violently at him, even if he did; there was no time to answer as a familiar car horn blared from outside the gate. The two men were taken aback by the sudden, unexpected sound.

Without even checking who it was Izy hastily opened the gate for the car to enter, thanks to whoever it was for saving him. It was his boss-Mr Fred’s car. But there seemed to be something amiss. The driver was not the one driving the car; someone else drove and Mr Fred was not in the car either. The driver was at the back seat, squeezed between two other men, with another one in the passenger seat at the front.

The car was parked close to the gate and the men all came down, forcing the driver out and pushing him towards the ground, telling him to lie down.

One of the men spoke, “I am Lesgo and I am here to borrow a few things. These three gentlemen will be helping me do that and you boys will help us by staying calm. It will help if you just lie down and assume this is a dream. Thank you for your cooperation in advance. Note please that I really do not want to have to use any weapons.”

Izy went straight to the floor. ‘Uncle’ immediately lay down too when he saw two of the four men bring out guns. But the other man-‘Uncle’s partner stood his ground.

Lesgo continued, “You two are quite gentlemen. Thank you. And my good friend here,” he said pointing at ‘Uncle’s partner, “He will be telling us the things he wants to borrow from this place. And no- I repeat, no word from anyone.”

Izy was just so confused by all what was happening. He tried to break it down to himself. Okay, a robbery was going on at the moment. The robbers were obviously educated for Lesgo to have spoken so fluently. But the thing about Uncle’s partner was not clear. Was he a part of them or did they just pick him to help them with the robbery?

‘Uncle’ was face down and shaking his head in disappointment; he had been betrayed by his trusted partner. He should have suspected, especially when he was asking so many questions; how many people were going to be in the house when they went there, what time anyone would get back home and how tight security was. Now he had brought these boys to rob. It had occurred twice between him and his partner to rob Mr Fred, but ‘Uncle’ always said no; families were not to be included in their businesses.

Twenty long minutes later


The robbery was over and done with.

The driver was lamenting how he would explain to’ Oga Fred’ about the stolen car; they made way with that too, but left the other two cars in the compound

‘Uncle’ looked so sad and defeated. All he was saying was how he was betrayed.

Izy got to understand what really happened in the cause of the robbery. Yes, ‘Uncle’ was betrayed; his partner set up the robbery. The driver was actually coming home to pick a file for Mr Fred when the four boys who had been waiting outside the gate for the signal saw an opportunity to enter.

The cook was saying repeatedly, “Thank God they didn’t kill us.”

Since the driver was less concerned about anyone or anything else apart from how he would explain himself, he missed the whole story behind ‘Uncle’s betrayal. He did not even care what he was doing in the house at that moment.

So as it seemed, it was only Izy that really knew what went down. To crown it all, it could all still be traced to him, because while the robbers were leaving, ‘Uncle’s partner whispered to Izy’s ear, “You can keep the gold.” If he had not gone to check where the gold was hidden, this would never had happened.

The cook had already called Mr Fred to tell him what happened and the Police had been alerted and were on their way.

Another hour later

No one left the house or went into the rooms that had been robbed. The people in the house practically stayed where they were, except the cook who was going about preparations for food- either lunch or dinner, no one knew. She kept singing songs of praise.

The Police arrived. Everyone knew it was them because of the siren. Izy went to open the gate and two vans drove into the compound. About eight to ten policemen came out of the vans fully clothed and armed. They were quickly ordered to different positions.

Izy saw two of them that he recognised. They were from that prison he spent a year in for allegedly stealing from that woman who was actually the thief. He knew he had to try his best not to be seen by them, else they would suspect him. At least to them he was a thief, so no chance of thinking they might not recognise him. One year is a long time for a face to be registered, most especially when you see the person every day for that one year.

After all the questions were asked and they had roamed the house; kitchen, bathroom, toilet and rooms, taking note of nobody-knew-what, the robbery was so clean; there was no sign of where they had taken anything or what they had taken from inside the house, so Mr Fred, his wife and kids had to get back to know what was missing.

The men who were stationed at different positions were already sitting in the vans. At least the robbers had left since.

Izy ran to open the gate when he heard a knock. It was Mr Fred. One of his company cars brought him home. Izy took the suitcase from him and carefully locked the gate.

The men who were sitting in the van stood up immediately and greeted the owner of the house and friend to their DPO. He greeted them back and asked what the situation was like.

After everything was said and done, the Policemen were set to leave.

“I know this boy na.” One of the officers said.

“I have been looking at him since too.” Another one said

Everyone turned to look at Izy who clutched the suitcase like a thief caught.


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6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Akinmejiwa foyin
    Dec 09, 2013 @ 18:41:23

    Oh boi….. *fan self* this is really interesting – so much like the “Oh no! Not again” pix. I bet izy still needs the deliverance i suggested…. bet sha one day bush meat go pursue hunter ooo



  2. naitx
    Dec 09, 2013 @ 19:42:54

    Your build up is always beautiful.. Suspense filled,that is tite



  3. emmy
    Dec 14, 2013 @ 10:21:14

    Awwwwww……..Izy really needs deliverance, I so hope dia’s no1 dis is actually happening 2……d boy strong gan ooo, nt 2 av committed suicide



  4. tobiju
    Jan 15, 2014 @ 22:44:15

    abeg nw!!! Dis boy don suffer enuf nw…shuuuuu?



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