Sarafina 4

….inspired by true life events.

Layi was on his way home from school. He dismissed his tutorial students early that day because he wanted to get home, rest and read- he had a big test the next day. He thought of staying back in school to read at first, but he weighed his options and decided he needed to rest first. It was after all a test, not exam and he was ready anyway. He just needed to revise.
He was almost home when he remembered that Demilade was going to skin him if he got home without getting her something. So he went back to the bus stop to buy popcorn for her and her siblings.
Demilade thought of screaming but then again, that would be stupid- there was no one else in the house with them. Moreover, that would make her seem so weak and that was not something Sarafina would have done.
So she decided she was going to handle the matter in an adult way.
Bayo was still holding her hand, but not as tightly as before. He had loosened his grip when she stopped struggling.
She looked him in the eyes and asked, “What do you want?”
He was taken aback by how cool her voice was and how she was able to ask him such question?
“I want to see your breast?”
Demilade’s heart beat increased a bit. She didn’t know why, but she knew she must not show in any way that she was scared. Sarafina was not scared even at the sight of guns, so what was the worse that Bayo could do? He had no gun.
“Okay. I will show you. You will have to leave my hand for me to show you.”
Bayo did not have to talk. Demilade knew that if she tried to run it was going to be more trouble for her.
She looked at the time- her mother was going to be home soon and she must not be caught in her uncle’s room, especially with her uncle not around. She had to satisfy the he-goat in front of her and get into her room before her mother got back, or else she was toast.
Bayo let her hand go.
Layi had always been a long time crush to the lady selling the popcorn and she was not ashamed to proclaim it.
“Bwoda Layi, I dey vex with you. You pass the first time you no greet me, now you wan buy popcorn. I dey vex for you.”
Layi always operated the “Act like a monkey to catch a monkey” tactic with the girl. And now that he really needed the ‘monkey’ to sell popcorn to him, he smiled at her.
“Don’t be angry my dear. I was in a hurry earlier.”
“Ehn-ehn? But now you no dey hurry again?”
The music had stopped playing. It was going to start again.
Demilade felt sweat trickle down her back. There was no way on earth she was showing this good for nothing personality her treasured breast- not many girls in her class had started growing them.
“Show me!”Bayo said, trying not to sound impatient.
“Move back a bit,” Demilade said. She was not thinking of anything other than Sarafina.
Bayo moved to the other end of the bed and leaned his body against the wall, eyes wide open and ready to feast.
The girl became a little angry as she was about to raise her gown. If she raised her gown, he would see her panties too. So she tried pulling down one hand of the dress…
“What will you show me if I show you?” she asked, holding the dress’ hand just above her elbow.
“See this girl o! Do you think I have time to waste? Answer me!” He moved away from leaning on the wall.
Layi knew exactly what she wanted to hear. Since he was not in the mood for her nonsense, he just said it.
“Oya now, sell popcorn for me. You know I love you.”
Her countenance change immediately and she giggled. Then she helped him pack the amount of popcorn he wanted, handed it over to him slowly and waved him off when he wanted to pay.
He thanked her and left.
She was angrier now and pulled the hand of her dress back up. She then pressed her two hands firmly around the sides of her right breast to give Bayo a closer look of the breast through her cloth.
Bayo stared hard. “I can’t see it very well. Remove the cloth.”
“What do you mean by no?” He asked, looking stunned.
Demilade stood up from the bed in a flash but did not try to run- there was no point, he would catch her.
“My mummy will be back soon. I have to go.”
At the mention of ‘mummy’, Bayo’s features softened and he said, “Okay let me touch it. Even if it is with the cloth, I don’t mind.”
Demilade hissed and started walking away when suddenly she was pushed back on the bed and was engaged in the struggle of her life. Bayo was on top of her and tried to grab her two hands in one of his so he could do his bidding, but she used all the strength in her to keep her left hand out of his reach.
She fought with the whole of her small body.
But unfortunately he succeeded.
As soon as his big hand landed on her small breast, she pulled his hand that was holding her to her mouth and bit as hard as she could. Bayo left her immediately and rubbed the point of attack. She quickly crawled from underneath him and ran away. He did not bother chasing after her- someone was knocking on the front door.
She stood at the door and looked at him. He smiled. Right there and then Demilade promised herself that he was going to pay.

……inspired by true life events.

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  1. Akinmejiwa
    May 20, 2014 @ 07:34:52

    I for like make popcorn girl dey my street o….freebies of life



  2. tobiju
    May 27, 2014 @ 16:19:22

    #poor-small-smart-girl God punish d devil. He must 2 pay



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