Baby Mosquito

“But I am hungry”, the baby mosquito said.


“I may die of hunger.”

“I said no.”

Baby mosquito looked at his mother with hatred. She was very wicked.

“Your father died from this same cause.”

“I’m different.”

“Still no.”

“Father told me the secret.”

“And he used it to get himself killed.”

“He was four weeks old and due for death anyway.”

“You cannot go into that room- it has been poisoned.”

“Father used to say I was resistant to the poisonous spray.”

“We are not from the Mosrino clan..they are the resistant ones. As long as I am still alive you are not going into that room and that is final.”

“That is not fair.”


“Father would have allowed me be a man.”


“Father’s spirit is not at rest. He wants you to allow me go.”

“Nice try. Your father died with his spirit. After he was weakened by the spray poison, the female human crushed him beneath her gigantic foot.. That’s two deaths-body and spirit.”


“Now you want to go into the female’s room just after she used the poison. No way.”


“This is the plan- we wait a little and go into their baby’s room. They use less of the poison there.”

Baby mosquito sulked. He wanted the female’s blood. He alone understood why.


Interesting people

Interesting people I’ve met this year-


She was married on Saturday and was at the NYSC orientation camp on Tuesday.
Who does that?!


My first impression about her was a snob. Don’t blame me, she looks like one of those people you see and just know they have a degree in snobbishness, but she is not. Infact she is very, very friendly and we have a lot in common.

She dances, does not eat much, likes to be involved in a lot of things and does make up professionally. So Peace,Bukola,Funmi,you people can bring your eyebrows for trimming (or shaving…lol) now.
On a serious note, I could be the next Tara or Mac soon thanks to this very dark complexioned vibrant lady.

I did not post over the weekend because it was time off on Writing 101….man needs to rest, daily something is not easy.

Letter at my door step

Dear God,

I have tried to be a good child since daddy and mummy had that fight that made them separate.

My big sister is seeking another father in her boyfriend and he does not treat her well, but she says that’s how men are programmed to be.

My big brother is always going out with these new friends he got and I think they are really doing bad stuffs.

My younger sister is angry at everybody. She thinks we all are the cause of daddy leaving.

I heard recently that one could speak to you. I am writing this to let you know that I will speak to you about my family tonight. I want to inform you ahead of time to please bring my daddy back so things can be good once again.

Thank You in advance God.

You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you
deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s
addressed. Write a story about this encounter.’-Day 5 Writing 101

USMAN: A (perfect?) teenager

” Write about a loss: something (or
someone) that was part of your life, and
isn’t any more.” -Day 4 Writing 101

We were in Senior Secondary School and were just leaving adolescent hood to join the teenage arm.

My class was a big loving and lovely family though there were cliques here and there…it still did not divide the class.

Usman was the most lively boy in the class, he was a loveable person and had a sweet heart. He had two step brothers in our class-Hassan and Adamu and theirs was an enviable family. I know this because we used to buy ‘zobo’ in their house after closing from school almost daily.

There was the time the boys needed a goalkeeper for a match against another class. Usman volunteered. He was not taken seriously though. You see, he was born with this uneven legs, so he limped while walking. Eventually he became the best keeper in the whole school.

Usman was loved by us his classmates, our juniors and seniors and even the teachers. He was a bright and promising teenager.

He was the only one who would borrow you money and refuse to collect it back. I never saw him angry for once- Ever. He was the middleman for those two friends that fought and succeeded in reuniting them. He was the one whom you saw first when his friend wanted to ask you out- he practically paves the way and prepares your mind.

He hated to see anyone moody or staying alone. He would pester you till you snapped out of the moodiness. Or just stay with you and listen if you wanted to talk. Or stay with you in silence if you were not ready to talk.

This sounds like a description from a novel but it is not. It is the description of a REAL person at a REAL time with whom l once knew…but not for long.

This is the first of three series. I do not know when Writing 101 will give us the go ahead to post 2 and 3, so just stay tuned.

No title

Write about the three most important
songs in your life — what do they mean
to you?

This was what I woke up to for day 3 assignment on writing 101 and Krista(the assigner) has given me a hell of a time cracking my head. As simple as this assignment seems, l do not have important songs-l listen to songs(no one in particular) according to mood.

But since this is an assignment and therefore kind of compulsory, l will sha write.

In no particular order…

1) Fight for this love by Cheryl Cole
This song is here because l prescribed it to a friend who was having relationship issues and had to learn the lyrics so l could sing it to her at any time. And though it later did not work out, l feel l should add the song.

2) Speechless by MJ
Because at a point in my life l had to choose a best song to seem normal, l chose this. It was unique and not everyone l told had not heard it before and that was kinda cool.

3) Worship and praise songs
This ought to be first on the list as the most important but since I’m not supposed to think about what l write here or edit…
These somgs have a way of lifting my mood no matter how down l was initially. And Praise they say is the only thing God can’t give Himself.

What songs are important to you? I would really like to know.

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