Guest post: Don’t judge others

Who is this person that is so desperate to hear my voice, I wondered as my Nokia ‘palasa’ phone rang continuously for the fourth time in a row. Getting up reluctantly from my bed, the phone rang again.Picking up the phone, I realized that it was Mummy Folakemi that stopped me from receiving the Five million Dollar($) shipping contract President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was about to award me in the United State of Dreamland (USD).
“Emmanuel, your friend Folakemi is pregnant.” Wondering why she chooses to call me Emmanuel when she has the option of either calling me Seun or Alaofin, I heard something strange.”What did you say ma?” I asked in shock as I was sure I heard the word “Pregnant”.
“I said, your friend Folakemi is pregnant.”
“What!!!” I shouted as the phone dropped from my hands and landed safely on the bed. In deep pains, I put on my jeans and shirt and headed straight to Folakemi’s house. This news seem too fake to be true , as I begged the Okada man to drive fast. If this is true, then Iron Lady as she is fondly called has a lot of explanations to give me. Each time we are together, its either she preaches the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to me, or she shares useful and relevant information with me.She is a 1st class student graduate from a leading University in Nigeria and she is also the choir mistress of her church youth branch. This same Iron Lady was the person that advised me to cut ties with my former girl since our relationship was ‘unholy’. Her impact in my life has been so tremendous.
“Come and open the gate,” I shouted.
“Holy spirit help me, I don’t know what to say.” The gate opened slowly. Barging in, I went inside straight to where her mum was sitting down. Checking round the sitting room, I saw Brother James and Brother Sola occupying two of the chairs.
“Good afternoon sir,” I hailed both of them as I knelt before mummy to dry her tears. “Mummy please stop crying,” I urged her as tears dropped from my own eyes too.
“She just got admission to do masters in Canada, see what she has done to herself. How would she be able to go now, her mother screamed as the tears increased in velocity.”
“Who is the father of the baby?” I asked with keen interest. She refused to talk at first, but after asking her consistently she pointed towards the direction of Brother Jide and Brother Sola. “Brother Sola talk now, who is the man responsible for this, why is he not here?”
“It is that useless boy that calls himself a youth pastor that is responsible for the pregnancy,” her mother added.
“Mr Seun, I am sorry. As usual, it was the work of the devil.
What a day!!! If I had known that it was Brother Sola the youth president of the church that had the baby, I would never have come. I know that both of them are very close, but to think that such activity could happen between them was actually unimaginable.
“It was only once it happened, and we never knew that it would result into this,” he continued as he looked troubled and depressed.
I remember his preaching last Sunday titled “THE SIN CALLED PREMARITAL SEX.” This is a scandal I said to myself, and even Oliver Pope cannot solve this case so easily, only God can.Thinking about the scene, I realized that it was best for me to leave the scene so that the matter can be resolved amicably by both of them. But then, I remembered the story of a young pastor who killed himself because he impregnated his girlfriend and he could not take the shame. He was too proud to confess his sins and repent.It was then it dawned on me that I needed to be around so that the issue can be resolved with wisdom. Luckily for both sides, Folakemi was out of school and Brother Sola was working already. We resolved to get them married, and also announced to the church that they would both be suspended but they would be forgiven. They were taken to a special class for Marriage counseling and the whole church put them in Prayers.LESSON TO LEARN
1. In life, there is nobody that cannot fall. Sometimes, the people that we do not expect to fall because of their spirituality and their position in the society fall. If such happens, what do we do? Do we mock them, share their news to the whole world to make them a laughing stock, or bring them closer, pray for them and show them the love of God. The best way to correct a man is to correct him with love. We all are human beings, and it takes the special grace of God to be upright. Always ask for the grace.
2. When you make a serious mistake, ADMIT IT. The best way to solve a problem is not to run away from the problem, but to resolve it. There was a similar story of this case, and the youth pastor resolved to killing himself because he was too proud to admit his sins. He who is without sin, let him be the first to cast the stone. If you are thinking of what others would say, then you are not ready to solve the problem. These kind of mistakes can be avoided, but when they happen it must be handled maturely and with a clean heart.
3. Let’s keep praying for the grace. I have made serious mistakes in my life. Mistakes you would never be proud to hear(see as your eyes shine…wetin you wan read?). It is not the mistakes you make that matters, but the steps you take after making the mistakes. Each day, I keep improving myself and I keep making firm decisions that I believe would put me on course to be better.Don’t judge anybody. Don’t rebuke anybody. Anybody can change from Bad to Good. If there Is someone that needs a change in character, keep them in your prayers, move closer to them and let your life be an example. Thank you for reading.
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Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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