Silver’s diary


I want to tell you what my mummy did, oh diary.
We were both on our way to the market today, at around that time when the sun likes to be shy, before it shows its true colour.
As we were walking down to the nearby market, we had to be extra careful so the passing vehicles would not splash mudddy water on us.
We were gisting o (okay let’s call it gossip), about one lady whose car got stolen at gunpoint on our street. I was just saying how she could have screamed nonetheless, that the guns would have most likely been toys, then there was a suddenly loud bang sound. The sound came from directly behind us. So closely behind us.
One moment I was laughing with my mum, the next I was looking back to check what made the sound to see if it was safe to wait or safer to run. At almost the same moment (because everything happened in a flash), I heard my mum call my name but I could not answer for it was while I checked behind me to confirm the cause of the loud sound.
When I looked forward again after confirming that it was the car behind that had its front tire suddenly burst, I saw my mum almost a kilometer away(now that’s an exaggeration).
I could not help but burst into laughter as I walked towards her. She was laughing too, and so were the passengers of a tricycle that passed by us, who had witnessed the whole incident. One of the passengers made fun of my mum that she ran away without even knowing the cause of the sound. Another one said she left her daughter (me) and ran away.
When I got to where my mother stood, still unrecovered from the irony of the incident,I accused her of running away and leaving me behind. She said it was sudden and to think that we were just talking about guns and all whatnot. I told her it was not fair- what if it were gunshots truly? And she said in times of trouble, it’s every man for himself first before anyone else.
Dairy dear, see mother o!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tobiju
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 15:19:19

    minute are the sweet mums wen it comes 2 danger…1 man 4 his own



  2. Surdic
    Nov 04, 2013 @ 09:58:51

    Lol…funny …could av left mum if it was moi too….



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